With a part-time job as the VP Social Manager for a large production company here in LA, my entire life is essentially on my phone, but for work rather than pleasure; so I knew this media log would be a hard one for me.

8:35am: Pick up my phone from being woken up to by a Life360 notification that my roommate is home. I like to sleep with the ringer on in case people need me in the early morning. Once I wake up, I go onto Frame.io (an editing organizer used by my company) to download social media assets from the podcast episodes releasing today. I then send them to our celebrity hosts and spend the next 30 minutes posting and promoting the episodes on all social medias: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

9:30am: After getting ready for my day, I spend about 20 minutes scrolling on TikTok and take notes on what sounds are trending. I take this time to save about 5-10 trending TikToks and prep for my work session for the celebrities I am creating content with today.

11:00am: While I make and eat breakfast, I’ll turn on a YouTube video. Today’s video was one from Cody Ko’s channel, Cody Trains (choo choo). The video is entitled “Family Workout Day.” This channel is dedicated to showing Cody Ko’s athletic/running journey. I like to watch it every Monday when it comes out because it honestly helps me get motivated for the week and want to go spend time outside. I find Cody Ko to be a remarkable creator for the pure reason that his engagement is pretty much unheard of in the media space. With 2.2 Million subscribers on his 2nd channel, Cody & Ko, he gets around 1 Million views per video. That is a 50% engagement rate. The normal/expected for this platform is less than 3%.

11:40am: I’ll check my email and LinkedIn, namely. One of the reposted articles on LinkedIn was from the New York Times regarding Netflix’s plan to “get you to binge even more.” It was quite the interesting interview with Ted Sarandos, the company’s Co-Chief Executive. The author states that “under him, Netflix developed that powerful algorithm that knows just what to serve up next.” It was cool to read about his journey from taking Netflix as a DVD-mailing system (the Netflix I know and love) to what it is today: one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world.

12:30pm: I scroll on TikTok a bit more, this time for pleasure rather than work. The two most common things on my feed right now are covers of “My Days” from the broadway musical The Notebook (my gosh do I love this song…) and memes/video’s of North West performing “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend.

1:00pm: I send some emails. This varies from emails to my boss about a tour I’m going on in August, emails to our marketing director about some check in meetings we need to have, and emails to literary agents because (surprise), I am publishing a book.

2:00pm: Use TikTok to batch content for some of my clients.

4:00pm: Check my Instagram DMs where my dad has sent me about a dozen reels with information he believes to be true. The most recent being a reel from a podcast cut where a man is debating that the sun actually prevents skin cancer. Since there is no factual evidence shown in the video other than claims the man is making, I often chose to not believe the things my dad sends.

6:00pm: I use my Garmin watch while I run. I like to run around 5 miles or more a day. It tracks how far I go, my pace, my heartrate, my calories burned, my recovery time, and more. Then, when I get back from the run, I use my phone to go onto the Garmin app to look at and take screen shots of my run stats. I then post it to my instagram stories where I will often show my followers what my running progress has been.

8:00pm: Continue to watch Bridgerton on Netflix for a few hours and multitask my homework! 🙂

For me, the most credible media I get is honestly my Garmin watch app because I know the stats are accurate. In this particular day, I didn’t see as much questionable content than I normally do. I am careful not to believe what I see on TikTok and Instagram. What I can believe/trust on TikTok are what sounds are trending because I can easily see the statistics that back that up.

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